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Traffic Tickets

Accused of a speeding or other traffic offense? Give me a call. I’ll work hard to get the charge reduced to the fewest points possible.

Traffic Tickets and Violations - We Can Help
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Traffic Offenses

Our goal is to get the ticket reduced to the fewest points possible. We are often able to obtain reductions to zero point violations, however, sometimes this is not possible with a high speed or other serious infraction.

Refusal to Test:

There is no universal rule that works for everyone, especially given the fact that a refusal to submit to a breath test triggers an administrative hearing independent of the criminal charges. If it is your first offense, and you do not believe your BAC will be very high (over .15), then generally you may want to submit to a chemical test; if you have had multiple DWIs or your BAC is probably going to be very high you may be better off not providing a breath or blood sample.

Cell Phone Use:

Cell phone use now is a 5 point violation, as serious as a Reckless Driving. The regulations and points were changed as of June 1, 2013 in recognition of the number and seriousness of accidents caused by cell phone usage while driving.

Speeding Tickets:

Speeding tickets are often seen as a revenue raiser by local municipalities. We will be able to get the speeding ticket reduce as much as possible. A fine and surcharge will probably have to be paid, but the fewer points the better for the driver.

Reckless Driving:

Reckless Driving is a vehicle and traffic misdemeanor; occasionally we agree to a reduction from a DWI or DWAI to reckless driving to avoid the onerous drinking and driving regulations. Reckless driving is a 5 point violation and should ordinarily be avoided.

Driving While Suspended:

There are times when one just has to drive, even when their license is suspended or when their registration is suspended. We are almost always able to get the same reduced to a minor vehicle infraction that will not lengthen your suspension period.

CDL Trucking Violations:

If you are a trucker you need to be able to keep working. We recognize that CDL’s are special and work to avoid any significant problems with your license. We have a great track record of keeping trucks working.


The laws are exceedingly harsh with DWIs and DWAIs. You need a lawyer that knows all the players, and knows how to get results. I know the rules and I know how to get the best results for my clients.

Aggravated DWI:

Aggravated DWIs carry larger fines, and longer suspensions and increase the likelihood of harsher consequences. We know how to obtain the best possible result even when your BAC is very high.

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